The Mid-Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA) is a solution-oriented organization, providing technically sound information, leadership, and coordination in the field of biosolids management.  The MABA advances environmental stewardship through the practical utilization of a valuable resource and furthers the inclusion of biosolids use in the recycling ethic.


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Diane's most recent post is entitled "Investigative Reporter 'Discovers' Biosolids"

News & Events

EPWPCOA Operator Training Course

Diane made the following presentations at the EPWPCOA Operator Training Course on April 15 & 16:


"Agricultural Use and Reclamation using Biosolids" - a checklist for biosolids managers  


"Mine Reclamation in Schuylkill County Using Class B Biosolids" - a biosolids beneficial use case study


NYWEA Industrial Wastewater Committee Seminar


As a speaker at the Industrial Wastewater Committee Seminar on April 21, 2015, Diane made presentations on the following topics:


"Processing Biosolids to Meet Standards for Exceptional Quality Biosolids" and


"Potential for Marketing Exceptional Quality Products."



For more information on any of the above topics, please contact Diane Garvey at or call 215-362-4444.

Garvey Resources was a partner in the development of the Rodale Institute's Water Purification ECO-Center.  Read about it on our Biosolids Blog.

Rodale Institute ECO-Center and wetland.

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