New Year’s Resolutions for Biosolids Managers

 LOSE WEIGHT –-reduce the weight of material that must be used or disposed.  By improving digestion and dewatering the total tons of biosolids that must be used or disposed will be reduced along with the cost.


GET IN SHAPE – Your files, that is.  Keep all biosolids information together including General Permits, Biosolids Analysis, Record Keeping and Reporting forms, and operating records.  Remember the deadline for the EPA Annual Report is February 19th and PADEP land application permits require submittal of Recordkeeping and Reporting forms by March 1.


SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE KIDS I– Invite your local schools to come to your wastewater treatment plant or land application site on their class trips.  Alternatively, staff an information booth at local community events such as watershed festivals, county fairs, and earth day celebrations.  Students have a tremendous interest in environmental issues and environmental curriculums are offered on both the high school and college levels.  One of the best ways to gain public support for biosolids recycling is to make a good first impression.  Reach them early, reach them often.


SPEND MORE TIME WITH THE KIDS II- The Water Environment Association and the PWEA has launched a Young Professionals (YP) program.  The reason for this is that the majority of water quality professionals are over age 55.  We need to groom the next generation of biosolids managers.  If you know a promising YP encourage them to get involved in PWEA maybe serving on a committee or presenting at a conference.


SAVE THE PLANET – Take stock of your operations' carbon footprint.  The best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to save energy.  The next best step is to grow something green with your biosolids or effluent.




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